Event Repertoire

The following list reflects commonly requested pieces available with various instrumentation.

If you are hiring an ensemble (duo, trio, quartet), please contact Laurel Thomsen to ensure that your requests are available for your desired ensemble. If she must purchase sheet music, arrange parts, or transcribe parts when none exist, there will be an additional fee to compensate Laurel for her time and energy.

If you have a request that you do not find listed here, contact Laurel. She can certainly attempt to obtain the sheet music. If no sheet music exists, or if it is for different instruments/ensembles, Laurel can be hired to arrange/transcribe parts. Arranging/transcribing fees are dependent on the nature of the individual project. If you purchase the sheet music, but the piece is new to Laurel, she will charge a modest fee for her time learning and preparing the piece.

The non-classical portion of this list is not exhaustive. Please contact Laurel for information about her repertoire beyond the classical genre or for non-classical song requests.

Not sure where to go from here? The Your Event page gives tips for planning the music for your wedding or other event.

Classical, available for solo violin, string duo, some as violin/guitar duo and larger string ensemble:

Albenez, Isaac Mallorca, Barcarola

Bach, Johann Sebastian Arioso from Cantata #156
Bach, Johann Sebastian Ave Maria Gounod
Bach, Johann Sebastian Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring from Cantata #147
Bach, Johann Sebastian Sheep May Safely Graze from Cantata #208
Bach, Johann Sebastian Suite #3 in D Major Air (Air on the G String)
Bach, Johann Sebastian Suite #3 in D Major Gigue
Bach, Johann Sebastian Brandenburg Concerto #2 Andante
Bach, Johann Sebastian My Heart Ever Faithful Aria from Cantata #68
Bach, Johann Sebastian Violin Concerto in A Minor Andante
Bach, Johann Sebastian March in D Major from Anna Magdalene Bach Notebook
Bach, Johann Sebastian Orchestral Suite #2 in B Minor Rondeau
Bach, Johann Sebastian Wachet Auf

Bach, Johann Sebastian Violin Partita No. 2 in D Minor Allemanda

Bach, Johann Sebastian Violin Partita No. 2 in D Minor Currente

Bach, Johann Sebastian Violin Partita No. 2 in D Minor Giga

Bach, Johann Sebastian Violin Concerto No. 1

Bach, Johann Sebastian Bourree

Bach, Johann Sebastian Courante from Cello Suite No. 1

Bach, Johann Sebastian Gavotte in G Minor

Bach, Johann Sebastian Gavotte in D Major

Bach, Johann Sebastian Gavotte 1 & 2

Bach, Johann Sebastian Gigue from Cello Suite No. 1

Bach, Johann Sebastian Little Gigue in C Major

Bach, Johann Sebastian Minuet

Bach, Johann Sebastian Musette in D Major

Bach, Johann Sebastian Sarabande in C Major

Becker, Jean Gavotte
Beethoven, Ludwig van Minuet in G

Beethoven, Ludwig van Ode to Joy

Beethoven, Ludwig van Rondo in G Major
Brahms, Johannes Haydn Variations on a theme of Haydn, Op 56 Sicilienne
Brahms, Johannes Haydn Variations St. Anthony Chorale
Brahms, Johannes Waltz from Waltz in Ab Major, Op. 39 #15

Charpentier, Marc-Antoine Prelude from Te Deum
Clarke, Jeremiah Trumpet Voluntary

Chopin, Frederic Grande Valse Brillante from Waltz in Eb Major, Op. 18

Corelli, A. La Folia

Corelli, A. Courante

Corelli, A. Allegro
Debussy, Claude Reverie

Delibes, Leo, Flower Duet from Lakme

Delibes, Leo, Valse Lente from Coppelia
Dvorak, Antonin Humoresque

Early American Melody, Amazing Grace
Elgar, Edward, Salut d'Amor, Op. 12

Faure, Gabriel Apres un Reve

Faure, Gabriel Aurore

Faure, Gabriel Berceuse

Faure, Gabriel Sicilienne, Op. 78

Fiocco, J. H. Allegro
Franck, Cesar Panis Angelicus from Messe Solonnelle, Op. 12

Giuliani, Mauro Maestoso from Serenade Op. 127
Gluck, Christoph Willibald Orfeo and Euridice Che faro senza Euridice
Gossec, Francois Joseph Gavotte in D
Gossec, Francois Joseph Tambourin
Handel, George Frederick Largo from Xerxes
Handel, George Frederick Water Music Suite Air
Handel, George Frederick Water Music Suite Allegro
Handel, George Frederick Water Music Suite Andante
Handel, George Frederick Water Music Suite Bourree

Handel, George Frederick Water Music Suite Hornpipe
Handel, George Frederick Fireworks Music La Rejouissance
Handel, George Frederick Oboe Concerto in G Minor Allegro
Handel, George Frederick Oboe Concerto in G Minor Sarabande

Handel, George Frederick Concerto Grosso 1

Handel, George Frederick Entrance of the Queen of Sheba

Handel, George Frederick Violin Sonata No. 1 - Andante, Allegro, Adagio

Handel, George Frederick Violin Sonata No. 3 - Adagio, Allegro, Largo, Allegro

Handel, George Frederick Violin Sonata No. 4 - Affettuoso, Allegro, Larghetto, Allegro

Haydn, Franz Joseph Presto from String Quartet in F Major, Op. 74 #2
Kreisler, Fritz Liebesfreud
Kreisler, Fritz Liebeslied

Kreisler, Fritz Old Folks At Home (Stephen Foster)
Kreisler, Fritz Schon Rosmarin
Loeillet, Jean Baptiste Allegro
MacDowell, Edward, To A Wild Rose

Martini, P. Gavotte
Massenet, Jules Meditation from Thais
Mendelssohn, Felix A Midsummer Night's Dream Wedding March
Mouret, Jean-Joseph Rondeau from Sinfonies de Fanfares
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Allegro
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Menuetto
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Romanza
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Rondo

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Ave Verum Corpus from K. 618

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Rondo alla Turca from Piano Sonata in A Major, K. 331

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Minuet
Pachelbel, Johann Canon
Purcell, Henry Rondeau from Abdelazer
Purcell, Henry Trumpet Tune
Purcell, Henry When I Am Laid in Earth from Dido and Aeneas

Rachmaninoff, S. Vocalise

Rameau, J. P. Gavotte 1 & 2
Ravel, Maurice, Pavane pour une Infante Defunte
Rimsky- Korsakov, Nicholas Scheherazade Theme

Saint-Saens Le Cygne The Swan from The Carnival of the Animals

Seitz, F. Violin Concerto # 2 - 3rd Movement

Seitz, F. Violin Concerto # 5 - 1st & 3rd Movements
Schubert, Franz Andante from String Quartet 'Rosamunde'
Schubert, Franz Ave Maria

Schubert, Franz Lullaby
Schumann, Robert Traumerei
Strauss, Johann, Jr. Beautiful Blue Danube, Op. 314
Strauss, Johann, Jr. Emperor Waltz, Op. 437
Strauss, Johann, Jr. Tales from the Vienna Woods, Op. 325
Strauss, Johann, Jr. Vienna Life Wiener Blut, Op. 354

Strauss, Johann, Jr. Artist’s Life Kunstler-Leben, Op. 316

Strauss, Johann, Jr. You and You from Die Fledermaus, Op. 367

Tschaikovsky, Peter Ilyich Waltz from Album for the Young, Op. 39 #8

Telemann, George Philipp Sonatina in F Major Presto

Telemann, George Philipp Sonatina in F Major Vivace

Telemann, George Philipp Don Quixote Suite

Veracini, F. M. Gigue from Violin Sonata in D Minor
Vivaldi, Antonio Four Seasons Allegro from 'Autumn'
Vivaldi, Antonio Four Seasons Danza Pastorale from 'Spring'
Vivaldi, Antonio Four Seasons Largo from 'Spring'

Vivaldi, Antonio Violin Concerto in A Minor - 3 Movements

Vivaldi, Antonio Violin Concerto in G Minor

Vivaldi, Antonio Violin Concerto for Two Violins
Wagner, Richard Bridal Chorus from Act III of Lohengrin

Waldteufel, Emil The Skaters Waltz Les Patineurs, Op. 183

Popular Covers/Rags, etc., available for solo violin, string duo, some as violin/guitar duo and larger string ensemble:

Ashman, Howard, Beauty and the Beast Theme

The Beatles, Here Comes the Sun

The Beatles, When I’m 64

The Beatles, Here There and Everywhere

The Beatles, Strawberry Fields

The Beatles, I’m Happy Just to Dance With You

The Beatles, Eleanor Rigby

Berlin, Irving, How Deep is the Ocean

Bock, Jerry, Sunrise, Sunset

Brooks, Joseph, You Light Up My Life

Dylan, Bob, Mr Tambourine Man

Evans & Shields, In the Good Old Summertime

Friedman & Whitson, Let Me Call You Sweetheart

G, Kenny, Forever in Love

Gershwin, Embraceable You

Gilbert and Sullivan, H.M.S. Pinafore

Gilbert and Sullivan, I’m Called Little Buttercup

Gilbert and Sullivan, Never Mind The Why and Wherefore

Gilbert and Sullivan, The Mikado

Gilbert and Sullivan, As Some Day It May Happen

Gilbert and Sullivan, Willow, Tit-Willow

Gilbert and Sullivan, Patience

Gilbert and Sullivan, A Magnet Hung In a Hardware Shop

Gilbert and Sullivan, The Pirates of Penzance

Gilbert and Sullivan, I Am The Very Model of a Modern Major-General Poor Wandering One

Gray, David, This Year’s Love

Housten, Joel Oceans (Hillsong United)

Horner, James, My Heart Will Go On (from "Titanic")

Howard, Bart, Fly Me to the Moon

Joplin, S. The Entertainer

Joplin, S. Easy Winners, The A Ragtime Two Step

Joplin, S. Entertainer, The

Joplin, S. Maple Leaf Rag

Joplin, S. Pine Apple Rag

Joplin, S. Strenuous Life

Joplin, S. The A Ragtime Two Step

Kahn, Erdman & Russo, Toot, Toot, Tootsie from Bombo

Kamakawiwo'ole, Isreal Over the Rainbow

Kenny, Nick, Love Letters in The Sand

King, Charles, Hawaiian Wedding Song

Last, James, The Lonely Shepherd

Lehar, Franz, Merry Widow Waltz from The Merry Widow

Legend, John, All of Me

Lennon, John, Imagine

Lennon, John, In My Life

Lincke & Robinson, Glow Worm from The Girl Behind the Counter

Mancini, Henry, Moon River (from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

Marley, Bob, One Love

Menken, Alan, A Whole New World (from “Aladin)

Meyer, Leslie & Goetz, For Me and My Gal

Morricone, E., Gabriel's Oboe (from "The Mission")

Morey, Lary, Someday My Prince Will Come

One Republic Secrets

Perri, Christina A Thousand Years

Petty, Tom, Wildflowers

Sebastian, John Daydream (Loving Spoonful)

Sting, Fields of Gold

Vedder, Eddie, Rise

Golden Anniversary Waltz (from "UP")

Weiss, George David What a Wonderful World

Webber, Andrew Lloyd, Memory (from “Cats)

Williams, John, The Throne Room (from “Star Wars”)

Originals by Dan Frechette and/or Laurel Thomsen, available with violin/guitar and vocals when applicable:

Alt-Folk, some with Celtic, Old Tyme, or Old Country influence:

    Mandolino Waltz


    My Canada

    Where the Water Tastes like Wine

    The Drunkard

    Unexpected Waltz

    Hello Goodbye Town

    St. John’s Shore

    Daddy Blue Eyes

    Country Beauty Queen

    When You Come My Way

    Little Old Rock and Roll

    My Bride and I

    Flowers in the Tundra

    Who Will Take My Place

    Prison Rose

    Vagabond Heart Mountain

    On My Own

    Why Do Angels Fly

    The world you built for me

    Ballad of a survivor

    I didn't ask for love

    Going Out On My Own

    Lonesome Thrills

    Prairie Pines

    Mists Of Down Below

    Fish Pond Flute Waltz

    Berkeley 1920

    Heart Of Mine

    Once Upon a Dream

    Someday Around The Bend

    What Say Magic?

    Tall Pioneer



    Pajama Jig

    In Your Life

    I Always Dream 

    Love Will Leave You Where You Belong

    Smoke And Mirrors

    Back In Canada

    Lost River Blues

    Countryside Of Life

    You Know You’re Loved

    Dying’s A Long Time Away


    Together Again

    Gulfport 1940

    Sweet Beauty

    Restless River

    The Beauty Doesn’t Know

    Your Smile Is Your Wealth

    Rebel Road

    Yesterday’s Blooming Flower

    Morning Time Lovers waltz

    Puddles In The Rain

    Little Bird

    Wait Until The Sun Don’t Shine

    Gentler Days

    Genuine Heart

    Colfax Harbor

    Edges of Belfast

    There’s a Train

    Jack Of Hearts

    To Keep You Company

Folk Rock:

    You Don’t See It


    Little Old Rock and Roll

    Money In The Wind

    Rolling like the ocean

    Dawning Of a New Day

    Get On My Knees Today

    Summer Full Of Snow

    King Merchant

    New York City Sundance

    Make Me Come Alive

    When You Were Mine

    New Disguise


    Pretty Pair Of Glasses

    Sing It Again

    Love Is Stronger Than Fear

    Deal With The Devil


    Mr Right Overnight

    Forever’s Always Waiting

    Rambling on The Riptide

    Going All the Way


    The Happy Song


    Nothing to Lose But The Blues

    Good Time Charlie

    Creeping Around

    Don Juan Blues

    Everyday He’s Everything All At Once


    Dance and Play

    Saturday Night Will Be Rocking


    Baby Lemonade

    Horse and Buggy Rag

    Sweet Little Things

    Grandpa was a Spaceman

    A Talk Of Consequence

    Dark Side Of Town


    Song for Jules

    Tales From The Labyrinth 

    Ghost Lover’s Waltz

    Gene’s Waltz

    It’s a New Day

    Huck Finn’s Waltz

    Back Down The Aisle

    Twisted Gypsy

Bluegrass/Gospel Bluegrass/Texas Swing:

    Tell Me Now

    Burning Bridges

    Evil Devil Blues

    Devils Dues

    The Other Side


    Past The Point Of No Return

    Life Without Home 89

    Po’ Boy

    If We Make It Through The Wedding

Gypsy Jazz:

    King of Spades

    Rough 96

    Sure Fire Way Of Taking

    50 Year Gal

    Life On The Run

    Piper Road Spring Boogie

    She’s Gone Platonic On Me


    Life Without Toys


    Small Picture People

    Chansons De Galette

    Sweet Ukulele Haley

Talking Blues:

    Shiny Plastic Plants

Celtic/Irish/Folk instrumentals, available for solo violin, string duo, some as violin/guitar duo and larger string ensemble:

Crain, Brian Butterfly Waltz

Plohm, Crystal, An Ayre for Elsie

Scott, Lady John, Annie Laurie

Shaker Hymn, Simple Gifts

Skinner, J. Scott, Music of Spey

Traditional, Si Bheag, Si Mhor

Traditional, The Wearing of the Green

Traditional, Coleraine

Traditional, Garry Owen

Traditional, The Irish Washerwomen

Traditional, Kesh Jig

Traditional, Swallowtail Jig

Traditional, Crossing the Minch

Traditional, Be Thou My Vision

Traditional, My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose

Ungar, Jay and Mason, Molly, Ashoken Farewell

Ungar, Jay and Mason, Molly, Lover’s Waltz

and hundreds, if not thousands more....

Popular Covers, available as violin/guitar duo with vocals when applicable:

Traditional Bluegrass - If I Lose

Jazz Standards - My Very Good Friend The Milkman, World On A String, It's A Sin To Tell A Lie, Sweet Georgia Brown, My Walking Stick, Big Bad Bill Is Sweet William Now, Marie, Dinah

Various songwriters - Reason To Believe, Up On The Roof, Everybody Get Together,  The Book Of Love,  Son Of A Preacher Man,  The Game Of Love, Red Rubber Ball, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Boys Of Summer, You Shook Me All Night Long, Break My Stride, Land Down Under, Modern Love, Karma Chameleon, Go For Soda, Boys In The Bright White Sports Car, Walk Of Life, Dangerous, Hungry Like The Wolf,  I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore, Africa

Albert King - Born Under A Bad Sign

Alice Gerard/Hazel Dickens - Won't You Come and Sing For Me?,  Long Black Veil, Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar

Alison Krauss - The Lucky One, Catfish John, Man Of Constant Sorrow, Down To The River To Pray

The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, It's My Life

Aretha Franklin - Respect

Arthur Conley - Sweet Soul Music

The Association - Never My Love

Badfinger - No Matter What, Day After Day, Come And Get It

The Band -  The Weight, Long Black Veil, Up On Cripple Creek, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, When You Awake, Ain't No More Cane, I Shall Be Released

Beach Boys - I Get Around, Good Vibrations, Barbara Ann, God Only Knows, Sloop John B, Kokomo, Little Deuce Coupe, Wouldn't It Be Nice, Don't Worry Baby, California Girls

Beatles - We Can Work It Out, Hey Jude, Yesterday, Eight Days A Week, Nowhere Man, You Can't Do That, I Feel Fine, Please Please Me, Norwegian Wood, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, A Hard Day's Night, I Should Have Known Better, And I Love Her, Can't Buy Me Love, I Saw Her Standing There, Help, I Need You, Ticket To Ride, I've Just Seen A Face, Yesterday, In My Life, Day Tripper, Paperback Writer, Eleanor Rigby, Yellow Submarine, I'm So Tired, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Blackbird, Strawberry Fields Forever, Penny Lane, Sgt. Pepper, With A Little Help From My Friends, I Am The Walrus, All You Need Is Love, Hello Goodbye, Here Comes The Sun, Come Together, Let It Be, Something, Octopus's Garden, The Fool On The Hill, Love Me Do, From Me To You, No Reply, I'll Be Back, Mr. Moonlight, I Don't Want To Spoil The Party, What You're Doing, I'm A Loser, I'll Follow The Sun, Every Little Thing,  Got To Get You Into My Life, Getting Better, Lovely Rita, Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite, Good Morning Good Morning, When I'm 64, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, It Won't Be Long, All I've Got To Do, From Me To You

The Bee Gees - I Started A Joke, To Love Somebody, Holiday

Ben E. King - Stand By Me

Big Bill Broonzy - Key To The Highway

Bill Monroe - Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Working On A Building, Uncle Pen, Gotta Travel On

Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine, Grandma's Hands, Lean On Me

Billy Bragg - Way Over Yonder in The Minor Key, California Stars

Black Crowes - She Talks To Angels, Hard To Handle.

Blue Rodeo - Til I Am Myself Again, Hasn't Hit Me Yet.

Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley, I'm A Man, Before You Accuse Me, Who Do You Love,

Bob Dylan - I Want You, Blowing In The Wind, Masters Of War, Mr. Tambourine Man, It's All Over Now Baby Blue, Love Minus Zero No Limit, Subterranean Homesick Blues, John Wesley Harding, As I Went Out One Morning, The Wicked Messenger, The Drifter's Escape, All Along The Watchtower, Tangled Up In Blue, Like A Rolling Stone, From A Buick 6, Down In The Flood, Queen Jane Approximately, My Back Pages, It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, If Not For You, Knocking On Heaven's Door, If You See Her Say Hello, The Mighty Quinn, Positively Fourth Street, He Was A Friend Of Mine, Man On The Street, Walking Down The Line, I Shall Be Released, Nobody 'Cept You, Love Sick, You Ain't Going Nowhere, Trying To Get To Heaven, She Belongs To Me, Just Like A Woman, Times They Are A Changing, Girl From The North Country, Don't Think Twice It's Alright, Lay Lady Lay, You Ain't Going Nowhere,

Bob Marley - Is This Love, Three Little Birds, Get Up Stand Up, One Love, Redemption Song,

The Box Tops - The Letter,

Bruce Springsteen - Lucky Town, I'm On Fire, Dancing In The Dark, Better Days, Atlantic City, I'm Going Down, If I Should Fall Behind, Born To Run, My Beautiful Reward, Human Touch, Roll of The Dice, Two Hearts, Long Time Coming. Downbound Train, Darlington County,

Buddy Holly - Rave On, Oh Boy, Peggy Sue, That'll Be The Day, Everyday, It Doesn't Matter Anymore, Bo Diddley, Love's Made A Fool Of You,

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth, Mr. Soul, I Am A Child,  A Child's Claim To Fame, Burned,

The Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man, Feel A Whole Lot Better, Eight Miles High, The World Turns All Around Her,

Canned Heat - On The Road Again, Going Up The Country

Carpenters - We've Only Just Begun,

Cat Stevens - Wild World, If You Want To Sing Out, Here Comes My Baby, Peace Train, The First Cut Is The Deepest, I Love My Dog,  Moonshadow, Father And Son,

Chubby Checker - Let's Twist Again.

Chuck Berry - Maybelline, Thirty Days, Rock N Roll Music, Roll Over Beethoven, Sweet Little Sixteen,

Reeling and Rocking, Johnny B Goode,

The Coasters - Down In Mexico, Yakety Yak, I'm A Hog For You Baby, Poison Ivy,

The Country Gentleman - Fox On The Run,

Crash Test Dummies - Winter Song, MMM MMM MMM, Superman's Song, The Ghosts That Haunt Me.

C.C.R - Who'll Stop The Rain, Proud Mary, Suzie Q, Have You Ever Seen The Rain, Lodi, Bad Moon Rising, Green River, Born On The Bayou, Heard It Through The Grapevine, Wrote A Song For Everyone, Down On The Corner, Cotton Fields, Looking Out My Back Door, Up Around The Bend, Long As I Can See The Light, Run Through The Jungle, Hey Tonight, Fortunate Son, The Midnight Special, Sweet Hitchhiker, Someday Never Comes, Walk On The Water,

Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode,

David Bowie - Space Oddity, The Man Who Sold The World, Ziggy Stardust, Modern Love,

Del McCoury - She Can't Burn Me Now, Vincent Black Lightning, My Love Will Not Change, Mill Towns, The Old Account, Speak To Me Little Darling, Your Long Journey, Live And Let Live, I've Endured, Talk Of The Town, More Pretty Girls Than One,

Del Shannon - Runaway, Searchin (We'll Follow The Sun),

Diana Ross and The Supremes - Stop In The Name Of Love,

Dire Straits - Walk Of Life, Sultans Of Swing, Down To The Waterline, Money For Nothing, So Far Away.

Dion - Runaround Sue, The Wanderer, Abraham Martin And John, Lovers Who Wander,

Dobie Gray - Drift Away.

Doc Watson - Billy In The Lowground, Southbound, Little Sadie, Hold The Woodpile Down, Deep River Blues, I Am A Pilgrim, Down To The River To Pray, Windy and Warm, The Banks Of The Ohio, Wabash Cannonball,

Don Freed - The Raising Of The Kilt.

Donovan - Sunshine Superman, Colours,

The Doors - Touch Me, Wild Child, Love Her Madly, L.A Woman, Riders On The Storm, Break On Through, Light My fire, Back Door Man, Roadhouse Blues, Love Me Two Times, People Are Strange, Roadhouse Blues, Tell All The People, Wild Child, Hello I Love You, Love Street, The Unknown Soldier,

The Drifters - I Count The Tears, There Goes My Baby, Some Kind Of Wonderful, Up On The Roof, This Magic Moment, Dance With Me, Dave The Last Dance For Me, Under The Boardwalk,

The Dubliners - Whiskey In The Jar, Raglan Road, 7 Drunken Nights, Leaving Of Liverpool, Spanish Lady,

The Eagles - Take It Easy,

Elmore James - Look On Yonder Wall, Dust My Broom, I Believe, Got To Move, Person To Person, So Unkind. I'm A Stranger Here,

Eric Clapton - Hold Me Lord, Black Rose, Before You Accuse Me, Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out, San Francisco Bay Blues, Walking Blues,

Elmore James - Look On Yonder Wall,

Elton John - Your Song, Daniel, Rocket Man,  Candle In The Wind, Crocodile Rock,

Elvis Presley - That's All Right Mama, Don't Be Cruel, Hound Dog, All Shook Up, Stuck On You, His Latest Flame, In The Ghetto, Blue Suede Shoes, Suspicious Minds, Viva Las Vegas, Bossa Nova Baby, I Beg Of You, You're The Devil In Disguise, REturn To Sender, Can't Help Falling In Love,

Everly Brothers - Bye Bye Love, All I Have To Do Is Dream, Cathy's Clown, Wake Up Little Susie, Til I Kissed You,

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams, Go Your Own Way, You Make Loving Fun, Say You Love Me. Never Going Back Again.

The Four Tops - I Can't Help Myself, Same Old Song,

Flying Burrito Brothers - Sin City, The Dark End Of The Street,

Gene Pitney - The Man Who Shot Liberty Vallance, It Hurts To Be In Love.

George Harrison - That's The Way It Goes, My Sweet Lord, Any Road, Got My Mind Set On You,

George Jones - Why Baby Why, The Last Town I Painted, You're Still On My Mind, Out Of Control, Color Of The Blues,  I've Got Five Dollars and It's Saturday Night.

Gordon Lightfoot - The Way I Feel,  Steel Rail Blues,  Walls, Magnificent Outpouring, Mountains And Maryann, Pussywillows Cattails, I'm Not Saying, Early Morning Rain, Summerside Of Life, Rich Man's Spiritual, Long Way Back Home, Home From The Forest, Song For a Winters Night, Long River Flows, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,

Gram Parsons - She, Love Hurts,

Grateful Dead - Box Of Rain, Friend Of The Devil, Brokedown Palace, Dire Wolf, Sugar Magnolia, Ripple, Til The Morning Comes, Casey Jones, High Time, Uncle John's Band,

The Guess Who - Laughing, No Time, Share The Land, These Guys, American Woman,

Hank Williams - Mind Your Own Business, Hey Good Looking, Lovesick Blues, Your Cheating Heart, I Saw The Light, Move It On Over, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, Hey Good Looking,

Herman's Hermits - I'm Into Something Good, No Milk Today, A Kind Of Hush, Can't You Hear My Heartbeat, Dandy,

The Hollies - Bus Stop, Carrie Anne, Long Cool Woman, Look Through Any Window, On A Carousel,

Hound Dog Taylor - She's Gone, Give Me Back My Wig, It's All Right, I Just Can't Make It.

Howling Wolf - Red Rooster, Commit A Crime, Ain't Superstitious, Wang Dang Doodle, Rockin Daddy, Little Red Rooster, Sitting On Top Of The World, Smokestack LIghtining, Tell Me, Dust My Broom,

Ian and Sylvia - You Were On My Mind, Four Strong Winds.

Jackson Browne - The Road And The Sky, Running On Empty,

James Brown - I Feel Good.

James Taylor - Fire And Rain, Carolina On My Mind, Close Your Eyes, Sweet Baby James, Something In  The Way She Moves, How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You.

Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole Lot Of Shaking Going On.  Great Balls Of Fire,

Jim Croce - Operator, I Got A Name, You Don't Mess With Jim, Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Time In A Bottle, I'll Have To Say I Love You In  A Song, Rapid Roy,

Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe, Purple Haze,Voodoo Chile,

Jimmie Rodgers - Mississippi Delta Blues,  No Hard Times Blues, Any Old Time,

John Denver - Rhymes and Reasons, Take Me Home Country Roads. Sunshine On My Shoulders, Annie's Song.

John Hartford - Back In The Goodle Days, Steam Powered Aeroplain.

John Lee Hooker - Think Twice Before You Go, I'm In The Mood, Let's Go Out Tonight, One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer, Louise,

John Lennon - Jealous Guy, Imagine, Nobody Told Me, Instant Karma,

Johnny Cash - Let The Train Blow The Whistle, Folsom Prison Blues, Delia, The Old Account, Drive On,

Johnny Horton - North To Alaska, The Battle Of New Orleans,  I'm A Honky Tonk Man,

Johnny Rivers - Mountain Of Love, Poor Side Of Town, Secret Agent Man, Summer Rain, Memphis,

Johnny Winter - Drinking Blues, Tired Of Trying, Waling Through The Park,

Kate Wolf - The Great Divide, Like a River,

Kim Harrington - Riverman.

The Kinks - Days, You Really Got Me, Sunny Afternoon, Lola, All Day and All Of The Night, Tired Of Waiting For You,  The Village Green Preservation Society, Big Sky, Picture Book, Lola, Victoria, Death Of A Clown, Waterloo Sunset, A Well Respected Man, Dedicated Follower Of Fashion, Dandy,

LC Cooke - Put Me Down Easy.

Leadbelly - Where Did You Sleep Last Night, Midnight Special, Goodnight Irene,

The Left Banke - Walk Away Renee,

Leon Redbone - Mississippi Delta Blues, My Walking Stick, Lazy Bones, Marie, Big Time Woman,

Leonard Cohen - Suzanne, Hey that's No Way To Say Goodbye,

Louis Armstrong - Marie, What A Wonderful World, Ain't Misbehaving, Hello Dolly, A Song Was Born.

Little Richard - Good Golly Miss Molly,  Keep a Knockin, Tutti Frutti,

Little Walter - My Babe, You're So Fine, Key To The Highway, Mellow Down Easy.

Lovin Spoonful - Summer In The City, Do You Believe In Magic, Daydream, You Didn't Have To Be So Nice, Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind, Butchie's Tune.

Mac Wiseman - Jimmy Brown The Newsboy,

Mamas and The Papas - Monday Monday, California Dreaming, Twelve Thirty, Creeque Alley, Dream  A Little Dream Of Me,

Merle Haggard- Mama Tried,

Monkees - Daydream Believer, Last Train To Clarksville, I'm A Believer,

Muddy Waters - Got My Mojo Working, I Just Want To Make Love To You, Louisiana Blues, Rolling Stone, Hoochie Coochie Man, I Can't Be Satisfied, I'm Ready, Walking Through The Park, My Babe,

Neil Diamond - Solitary Man, Kentucky Woman, I Am I Said, Cherry Cherry, Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon,

Neil Young - Tell Me Why, Cripple Creek Ferry, Needle and The Damage Done, Heart Of Gold, Old Man, Long May You Run, Expecting To Fly, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Hey Hey My My, Unknown Legend, From Hank To Hendrix, Out On The Weekend, Wondering, Keep On Rocking In The Free World, Cinnamon Girl, Down By The River, The Loner, Here We Are In The Years, Look Out For My Love, Helpless, Like A Hurricane, The Great Divide, Harvest Moon, If I Could Have Her Tonight, What Did You Do To My Life?, Wonderin,

Nirvana - Come As You Are, The Man Who Sold The World, All Apolgies, About A Girl, Heart Shaped Box,

Norman Blake - Ginseng Sullivan, Eight More Miles To Louisville, Down Home Summertime Blues, Uncle, Church Street Blues, Randall Collins, Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar, Billy Gray, The Railroad Days,

Old and In the Way - Catfish John, Uncle Pen,

Otis Redding - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay.

Pagliaro - Loving You Ain't Easy, Some Sing Some Dance.

Pete Seeger - Where Have The Flowers Gone,  Living In The Country,

Paul Simon - Mother and Child Reunion, Run That Body Down, Slip Sliding Away,  Graceland, The Boy In The Bubble, You Can Call Me Al, Duncan, Loves Me Like A Rock, 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, Kodachrome,

Peter and Gordon - A World Without Love.

Peter Gabriel - Diggin In The Dirt,

Peter Rowan - Thirsty In The Rain, Raglan Road, Roving Gambler, Going Up The Mountain, Moonshiner,

Phil Ochs - Power And Glory, I Ain't A Marching Anymore

Pink Floyd - Paint Box, Apples And Oranges, Scarecrow, See Emily Play, Arnold Layne, Candy And A Currant Bun, Wish You Were Here, Another Brick In The Wall, Comfortably Numb, Mother, Hey You, Astronomy Domine, See Saw, Summer 68, The Gnome, Bike, Lucifer Sam, Chapter 24, Flaming, Matlida Mother, Echoes, Fearless, Time, Pigs (Three Different Ones),

Reno And Smiley - The New Jerusalem, He Will Forgive You, Brighter Mansion Over There, Eight More Miles To Louisville, Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die, East Bound Freight Train, Dark As A Dungeon, Gathering Flowers By The Hillside, Freight Train Boogie, Country Boy Rock N' Roll, Passing Of Time, Get Behind Me Satan, Let's Live For Tonight, I'm The Talk Of The Town. Mountain Rosa Lee,

REM - Losing My Religion,

Ricky Nelson - Poor Little Fool, Hello Mary Lou,

Roger McGuinn - King Of The Hill,

Roger Miller - King Of The Road, My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died,

Rolling Stones - Angie, Ruby Tuesday, Satisfaction, It's All Over Now, The Last Time, Time Is On My Side, Wild Horses, Play With Fire, As Tears Go By, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Street Fighting Man, Rocks Off, Under My Thumb,

Roy Orbison - Oh Pretty Woman, Only The Lonely, Crying, Dream Baby, Candy Man

Sam Cooke - Having A Party, Good Times, Twisting The Night Away, Chain Gang, Wonderful World, Cupid, You Were Made For Me, Win Your Love For Me, You Send Me,

The Seldom Scene - Dark As A Dungeon, Working On A Building, Big Tain From Memphis,

The Searchers - Needles And Pins, Every Time That You Walk In The Room,

Simon and Garfunkel - Homeward Bound, The Sound Of Silence, For Emily Where Ever I May Find Her, I Am A Rock, The Only Living Boy In New York, Mrs. Robinson, Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream, The Dangling Conversation, Hazy Shade Of Winter, The Boxer, El Condor Pasa, Cecilia, America, Feeling Groovy, A Most Peculiar Man, Kathy's Song, Leaves That Are Green, Bleecker Street, Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall, At The Zoo,

Small Faces - Itchycoo Park,

Smokey Robinson - Tracks Of My Tears, Second That Emotion,

Stampeders- Oh My Lady, Carry Me, Sweet City Woman.

Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride, Born To Be Wild.

Temptations - The Way You Do The Things You Do. My Girl,

Tim O Brien - Less and Less, Nellie Kane,

Them - Gloria,  Baby Please Don't Go,

Tom Paxton - The Last Thing On My Mind, Rambling Boy, I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound.

Tom Petty - I Won't Back Down, A Face In The Crowd, Free Falling, Learning To Fly, King's Highway, Wildflowers, Mary Jane's Last Dance, Yer So Bad, You Don't Know How It Feels,  In the Dark Of The Sun, Into The Great Wide Open, You And I Will Meet Again Running Down A Dream, Wildflowers.

Tommy James - Hanky Panky, Mony Mony,

Tony Rice - Old Train, Little Sadie, Ginseng Sullivan,

Toots and The Maytals - Take Me Home Country Roads, 54-46 That's My Number, Pressure Drop,

Toto - Africa

Townes Van Zandt - Loretta, To Live's To Fly, If I Needed You, Two Girls, Pancho and Lefty, Rex's Blues, Peublo Waltz, Dollar Bill Blues, White Frieghtliner, Snowing On Raton,

The Troggs - Love Is All Around, Wild Thing.

Travelling Wilburys - If You Belonged To Me, Handle With Care, Inside Out.

U2 - Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, One, Without You, The End Of The World,

Uncle Dave Macon - Hold The Woodpile Down, Sail Away Ladies,

Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl, Astral Weeks, Moondance, And It Stoned Me, Wild Night, He Ain't Give You None, Into The Mystic, Domino, Purple Heather,

The Ventures - Walk Don't Run, Night Train,

Waylon Jennings - Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line,

Willie Dixon - Back Door Man, Seventh Son, Hoochie Coochie Man, Spoonful, I Ain't Superstitious, Mannish Boy, Before You Accuse Me, The Red Rooster, I Just Want To Make Love To You

The Who - The Kids Are Alright, Pinball Wizard, Behind Blue Eyes, My Generation, I Can't Explain, Won't Get Fooled Again, Magic Bus, Squeeze Box, Substitute

Willie Nelson - On The Road Again, Broken Promises,

Wilson Pickett - I Found A True Love,

Woody Guthrie - I Ain't Got No Home, Plane Wreck At Los Gatos, Going Down The Road Feeling Bad, Reuben James, Oregon Trail, Mean Talking Blues, Worried Man Blues, Little Black Train, Dust Pneumonia Blues, Pretty Boy Floyd, Ranger's Command. Hard Travelin, That Lonesome Valley,  Blowing Down That Old Dusty Road, Red River Valley,

The Zombies - She's Not There, Time Of The Season.

Holiday, available for solo violin, string duo, some as violin/guitar duo and larger string ensemble:

Franz Gruber & Rev. Joseph Mohr Silent Night

French Traditional Sing We Now of Christmas Noel Nouvelet

Hopkins, John Henry We Three Kings of Orient Are

Handel, George Frederick For Unto Us a Child is Born from The Messiah

Mendelssohn, Felix Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Redner, Lewis H. O Little Town of Bethlehem

Tschaikovsky, Peter Ilyich

    from The Nutcracker

        Dance of the Reed Flutes

        Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy



Traditional God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Traditional Angels We Have Heard on High

Traditional Good Christian Men, Rejoice

Traditional Away in a Manger

Traditional Coventry Carol

Traditional Deck the Halls

Traditional Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

Traditional Wassail Song

Traditional We Wish You a Merry Christmas

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